Project Management Institute’s 2024 Study: Questions and Answers

 Q 1. Which of the following are benefits of an internship? Select all that apply.

  • Boost your resume
  • Get a guaranteed permanent position
  • Get short-term, hands on industry experience
  • Network with people in your desired industry

Q 2. Fill in the blank: According to a 2017 Project Management Institute study, industries like manufacturing, construction, information technology, publishing, finance, and oil and gas are experiencing _____ with project management jobs.

  • the most amount of growth compared to other industries
  • the same amount of growth compared to other industries
  • the least amount of growth compared to other industries
  • no growth compared to other industries

Explanation: A survey that was conducted in 2017 by the Project Management Institute found that several different sectors, including manufacturing, construction, publishing, finance, information technology, and oil and gas, are seeing an increase in the number of positions that need project management.

Q3. An experienced project manager is seeking a program manager job, with the goal of advancing their career. Why would they want a program manager’s role?

  • They have demonstrated subject matter expertise in a specific industry.
  • They no longer want to manage projects.
  • They have demonstrated success in managing a portfolio.
  • They want to manage a collection of projects.

Explanation: Taking on the responsibilities of a program manager is, in a sense, like moving up a level in a game of project management. It entails supervising a number of interconnected initiatives and ensuring that they are in line with the overarching objectives of the company. The experienced project manager is able to demonstrate their strategic thinking, leadership, and organizational abilities on a greater scale thanks to the expanded scope of the project. In addition to this, it often involves taking on more duties and the opportunity to have a more important influence. Comparing it to playing checkers instead of chess reveals that there are more pieces to maneuver and a more expansive board to dominate.

Q4. As a project manager for a large school district, you are implementing a new telehealth technology that allows students to have virtual health checkups without having to miss school. To start, you organize training sessions for faculty to get them better acquainted with the technology, policies, and procedures for using the new telehealth option. What common project management responsibility is this an example of?

  • Planning and organizing
  • Controlling costs
  • Managing company operations
  • Managing tasks

Explanation: It seems as if you are beginning the time-honored step in project management known as “stakeholder engagement and communication.” You are ensuring that the faculty, who are the most important stakeholders in this initiative, are well-informed and able to utilize the new telehealth technology in an efficient manner by scheduling such training sessions. A foolproof method for successfully navigating the project is to ensure that everyone is informed and working from the same page.

Q 5. Which of the following is a way to define a project? Select all that apply.

  • A unique, temporary pursuit that has a defined beginning and end
  • An ongoing process with no defined end date
  • A series of tasks that need to be completed to reach a desired outcome
  • An endeavor with unlimited deliverables from stakeholders

Explanation: Okay, let’s split it down into its component parts. A transitory undertaking that is performed with the intention of producing a one-of-a-kind product, service, or outcome is what we refer to as a project. It has a beginning and an end that are both specified, it has clear goals, and it often includes the allocation of resources.

Q6. What does it take for a project manager to ensure a project stays on-track and on-budget? Select all that apply.

  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Technical industry experience
  • Careful planning

Q7. As a project manager at a small construction firm, your responsibilities include managing tasks on new builds. Which of the following activities does managing tasks involve? Select all that apply.

  • Overseeing activities that team members do on a daily or weekly basis
  • Communicating project milestones
  • Gathering project requirements and creating a project plan
  • Controlling costs

Explanation: Determining how many workers, what equipment, and what resources are required for each activity.Maintaining a tight watch on the rate at which each work is being completed and resolving any bottlenecks or problems that arise.ensuring that each and every work is finished to the standards and quality criteria that have been stipulated.

Q 8. Fill in the blank: A project is a temporary pursuit and usually includes a set of _____.

  • strategic risks
  • unique deliverables
  • rules for accountability
  • team members

Explanation: A project is a short-term endeavor that often entails the completion of a number of goals. It functions very much like a road map, leading you straight to the finish line of a successful project!

Q 9. Which of the following tasks or roles could one use to demonstrate project management experience during a job interview? Select all that apply.

  • Organizing a big move
  • Planning a surprise party
  • Managing a retail store’s inventory changes
  • Attending a formal event

Q10. What required skills are typically listed in project management job postings? Select all that apply.

  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Communication skills
  • Social media marketing
  • Organizational ability

Explanation: Because a project manager who is unable to communicate is much like a ship that is without its compass; they have no idea where they are going.One of the primary responsibilities of a project manager is to steer the group toward victory while simultaneously boosting their morale. The key to success in this game is being able to juggle numerous chores at once while maintaining order.

It’s unusual that projects turn out precisely as they were intended. It is quite important to be able to diagnose problems and come up with remedies on the spot.A project manager is someone who works well with others, encourages teamwork, and makes sure that everyone is doing their weight and operating as efficiently as possible.Every project has a completion date, and a skilled project manager understands how to maximize the potential of every second that passes.

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