Which methods can be used to communicate change to stakeholders during a project? Select all that apply.

Which methods can be used to communicate change to stakeholders during a project? Select all that apply.


What methods can be employed to convey changes to stakeholders throughout a project? Please select all that are applicable.

Change request form
Project charter
Escalation email
Work breakdown structure


  1. Change request form: A change request form is a formal document used to request modifications to the project’s scope, schedule, budget, or other aspects. When changes are proposed during a project, stakeholders can use this form to provide details about the change, its impact, and the reasons behind it. This form serves as a structured way to communicate changes, and it typically goes through a review and approval process to ensure that the change aligns with the project’s objectives and doesn’t negatively affect its overall success.
  2. Escalation email: An escalation email is a means of raising concerns or issues to higher levels of management or authority when the standard channels of communication and problem resolution have failed. It’s used when a stakeholder or team member believes that a particular change or problem requires urgent attention or intervention. This method is especially useful when there are disputes or disagreements within the project team or between stakeholders, as it can help bring unresolved issues to the attention of higher-level decision-makers.
  3. Project charter: The project charter is an initial document that authorizes the project and defines its high-level objectives, scope, stakeholders, and constraints. While it may not be the primary means of communicating changes, it can be used to provide context and background information for stakeholders when changes are proposed. The charter helps stakeholders understand the project’s original intent and can be referenced when discussing why changes are being considered.
  4. Work breakdown structure (WBS): The WBS is a visual representation of the project’s scope, divided into smaller, manageable work packages. While it’s not typically used to communicate changes directly, it can indirectly help stakeholders understand the impact of changes on different parts of the project. By referencing the WBS, project managers and stakeholders can identify where changes may affect specific tasks or components, which can be useful for assessing the scope of change and its implications.

These methods collectively help ensure that changes in a project are effectively communicated, documented, and evaluated to make informed decisions that align with project goals and objectives.

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