You create a Scrum team with five members. This small size helps avoid mixed signals, a breakdown of communication, and unnecessary project complications. Which pillar of Scrum does this describe? 

You establish a Scrum team consisting of five members. This compact team size prevents mixed signals, communication breakdowns, and unnecessary project complexities. Which fundamental principle of Scrum is exemplified in this scenario?

  • Adaptation
  • Inspection
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency

Explanation: This description corresponds with the Scrum principle of “Transparency.” Within Scrum, transparency underscores the significance of clear and candid communication among team members. By maintaining a compact Scrum team (in this instance, comprising five members), upholding transparency becomes more straightforward. This is because fewer communication channels exist, diminishing the potential for mixed signals and reducing the overall complexity of the team’s interactions. Consequently, this fosters a common understanding of the ongoing work and is a preventive measure against misunderstandings and complications.

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